Black Gold Event (09/20/17 - 04:10PM)

Generals! We hope you have acquainted yourselves with the new [Dominion] Mesopotamia 40p map. Starting today, you can show off your skills for the whole Supremacy 1914 community to see it. Our time-limited event titled "Black Gold" will lead you to Mesopotamia, pitting ...

The Mesopotamian Campaign (09/12/17 - 04:31PM)

Generals! This is a call to arms! What started out as a trade expedition in the Middle East is now a full-fledged campaign. The Allies are massing their forces against the Central Powers in Mesopotamia to seize hold of strategic areas and secure the rich reserves of oil found ...

Celebrate! (09/08/17 - 04:59PM)

Generals, in a few weeks we commemorate the end of World War I, 99 years ago. In order to celebrate in a historically inaccurate but calendrically fitting manner we will offer a time-limited bonus of 99% to everyone who logs in on Saturday, 09/09. The offer will be active for one ...