Join the Arms Race (01/10/18 - 04:36PM)

Generals! Are you looking for another challenge? Then check out our upcoming Arms Race event! This popular event map will take place on the 31p map again: You will start the game with double the resources, a vast army of land units (ranging from infantry and armored ...

Free for All Event (12/14/17 - 05:06PM)

Generals! Are you bored with pre-XMAS joy and laughter? Are you looking for a retreat from friends and family? Do you want to show all the world who rules supreme in Supremacy 1914? Then make sure to check out our pre-XMAS “Free For All” event! In this event you will ...

All I Need for Christmas is Bug Fixes (12/12/17 - 04:25PM)

Dear generals, in our final release before Christmas we have prepared only the most select and distinguished bug fixes and sprinkled a little polishing on top. Feast your eyes on today’s update and what gifts it brings: - In the past, attacking enemies on neutral ...