Update: Server Issues (12/06/17 - 05:26PM)

Dear Generals, on December 5, many of you had troubles reaching the Supremacy 1914 website and accessing their games. For this extended downtime we would like to apologize. The reason were endlessly repeated webserver calls which resulted in a massive amount of internal emails being sent, which in turn caused some servers to ...

Join the Arms Race (11/30/17 - 03:56PM)

Generals! Are you looking for a challenge that will drastically change the way you are used to play Supremacy 1914? Are you ready to unleash a massive army on your enemy? Do you like balloons? Then check out our upcoming Arms Race event! This special event map will ...

Love is in the details ♥ (11/22/17 - 03:30PM)

Dear generals, in our ceaseless struggle for perfection we have eradicated a couple of nasty bugs which none of you will ever miss: - Map-specific winning medals were not properly given out in the case of coalition victories. This has been fixed. - Selling and buying on the ...