Mesopotamian Blitzkrieg (02/21/18 - 04:36PM)

Generals! The Middle East is aflame! Are you ready to join the struggle for domination in Mesopotamia and lead our surprise offensive? Then make sure to check out our upcoming Mesopotamian speed round event! This special event map will combine the strategic ...

We want you! Become a member of the team! (01/26/18 - 04:42PM)

Step forward, volunteers! You want to be more than just one amongst many players? You want to actively participate in the community, help other users with your knowledge and shape the future of our game? Then we are searching you! Become a member of our Support Team now and do your ...

A New Look (01/17/18 - 04:06PM)

Dear Generals, what better way to start the new year than by giving Supremacy 1914 a little polish - both visually and in terms of gameplay: In order to help you spot interesting game rounds more easily we have reworked the "My Games" and “New Games” list, as well as the game ...